Microsoft BI integration

Psoda data can be used in Microsoft BI to create interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with their interface.

To get data into Microsoft BI, first we need the API key of a user who has access to the data you want.

To do this navigate to that user and select the three-dot options menu. In there, click on “API key” as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – User options menu API key

Figure 2 – User API key popup

Copy or note down the API key found in the popup (keep this API key safe. It could be used by a malicious user to access all of your data).

Next, we need the object ID of the organisation/programme/project that you want to use the data from. Navigate to the organisation/programme/project that you want to use and go to the details tab. There you will find the object ID as shown in Figure 3.

Copy or note down this object ID.

Figure 3 – Organisation details tab object ID

Open Microsoft BI on your computer.

Click the “Get data” dropdown and select “Web” as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4 – Microsoft BI “get data” dropdown

Click on “Advanced” in the popup.

Figure 5 – Microsoft BI “get data” popup

Figure 5 shows what we need to enter in this popup to get Psoda data into Microsoft BI.

First, we need to create the URL of the data we want from Psoda. Use this URL as a guide:,description,category

Copy and paste the above URL into “URL parts” on the Microsoft BI popup as shown in Figure 5.

In the URL, where it says “INSERT_OBJECT_ID”, change that text to the object ID noted down earlier.

In the URL, where it says “lesson”, change that text to whichever type of data you would like to get. For example, this could be “action” and that would return all the actions on this organisation/programme/project.

In the URL after it says “fields”, there is a list of fields that will be included for each of the data. Currently it will get all the lessons and each of their object IDs, descriptions, and categories. You can change these to whatever you like. For example, if you want the title of the lesson you can add “,title” to the URL.

Once you are happy with what data you want, the last step is to include the API key noted down earlier. Under the option “HTTP request header parameters” in the Microsoft BI popup, enter the text “API-Key” as shown in Figure 5. In the field next to that, paste the API key noted down earlier.

Click “Ok” and you will now be able to use your Psoda data in Microsoft BI!