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Agile construction - tractors and other heavy machinery on a building site
A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
Take a look at your current operating procedures.  How long does it take your company to restructure and switch between design styles or projects? The construction industry as a whole isn’t generally the most agile, often remaining quite hidebound and set in their ways, content to let the rest of the world move on without ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
The Top Uses of Digital Technology in the Construction Industry
Construction isn’t a particularly high-tech industry, or at least it hasn’t been until recently. Historically, the sector has been slow to adopt new technologies, either from a lack of demand or prohibitive upfront costs. As digital tech like project management has skyrocketed in the past few years, that’s starting to change. Digital tools like project ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
3 Reasons Why Construction Businesses Should Switch to Remote Work
The COVID-19 situation has forced many businesses to make some changes to the way they operate. Because of strict stay-at-home orders by governments to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, some companies have opted for flexible work-at-home arrangements instead of stopping operations altogether. Using collaboration tools and remote management practices, these businesses will be ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
5 Key Challenges Construction Project Managers Face
Effective project management is vital to the timely delivery of a construction project. In an industry where each project has several stakeholders, budget constraints, and scheduling issues, a construction project manager needs to be prepared to face challenges and ensure the completion of a project. The issues construction project managers are tasked to handle may ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
The Role Of Emerging Technology In Project Management
For decades, task managers and their subordinates have been using project management processes to plan and implement large-scale projects. Though legacy approaches have changed over time, the emergence of cutting-edge physical technology and cloud-based software solutions are quickly changing the game. This post takes a look at the past, present, and future of project management ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
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Should you hire contractors on your project?
In a casual conversation in the office recently, someone asked: “Why are we hiring contractors? They come, learn all our systems and leave with our IP.” I couldn’t help agreeing – it does seem counterproductive. Organisations invest in the professional experience and knowledge of these “outsiders”, but when they need to expand on the systems ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
3 team members working together round a table
How to build an open and collaborative project team culture - a BA’s view
Guest blog by Marina van Wyk One of the unique challenges of being a project manager is bringing a group of people together, get them to work towards a common goal and make them feel part of a team. But too often, especially on IT projects, that feeling of belonging to a team is missing. ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
Photo of Marina van Wky
No small task is trivial - by Marina van Wyk
Recently, while working on home renovations, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between our relatively small DIY painting job and IT projects in general. Little things like buying painter’s tape, choosing the colour, sanding down little imperfections in the walls, removing old paint on the trimmings and smoothing out the corners – they all take ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
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28 Skills to working smarter: a list of soft skills you need
After much of my career spent researching and writing about soft skills, I was able to whittle down the expansive list of soft skills into 28 individual soft skills – 10 self-management skills and 18 people skills – that I believe are the most important to your career success. No matter what work you do, ... A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction