Report icon orangeInteractive, configurable reports

Whether you want a standard project status report or something a bit more complicated our comprehensive reporting options make getting any report done easy. Not only do we have a comprehensive report library of over 100 out of the box reports our report wizard lets you build your own with easy to use drag-n-drop technology.

Dashboard icon orangeFully customisable dashboards

Do you want to see project risks, programme milestones, benefits progress, or something completely different? Psoda’s dashboards are completely customisable so you can choose to see the exact data you want to visualise. You can also arrange the dashboards layout and sizes to meet your own particular needs.

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Kanban icon orangeDynamic drag-n-drop Kanban boards

Are you an Agile aficionado or new to the whole Agile way of working? Regardless of your experience level Psoda’s tools are there to help! Our drag and drop Kanban boards can have as much or as little data as you like. Attach images, links, colours and more to each individual card. To make your Agile life even more agile we integrate with Pocket.Vision – technology that lets you sync your physical and digital Kanban boards.
Blue arrow pointing towards a Psonar screenshot
What would you say if I told you you could increase your project success rates, shorten delivery times and reduce rework? And that the information you need to do it already exists in your organisation? Well it’s true! Psonar is our AI search assistance that searches through your data as you type giving you access to your organisation’s buried treasure.
Screenshot of Psonar inside of the risk popup in Psoda
Composition of Psoda team members with support icons

Support icon orangeExperienced and knowledgeable support team

Our Team Psoda support staff are passionate and knowledgeable about Psoda. They’re the backbone of our organisation and are always there to help. If you have any problems, want custom functionality or some general support our team are no more than a phone call or email away.

Workflow icon orangeUser configurable automated workflows

Why make your life harder than it needs to be? With Psoda’s custom workflows you can configure Psoda to do exactly what you want it to do when you want it to happen. You can create custom workflows that fit your organisation or select one of the template workflows. The workflows can be completely configured all the way down to what icon represents each transition state!
Workflow states with back and forward arrows in between each

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Even more benefits of using Psoda

Lock icon grey
Fully configurable security
Customise your organisation’s users access rights all the way down to the finest details
Aggregation icon grey
Cross-project aggregation
Psoda allows you to take your data from multiple projects and roll it up into a programme or portfolio
Cog icon grey with the letters API
Psoda’s REST API allows communication and integration with your services
Comment icon grey
Our annual conference where users from around the world congregate to discuss all things Psoda