Hamilton City Council case study

Having a responsive vendor, and a system that is flexible, and not clunky and constrained by rules, was vital because we needed a system that would meet our needs.
Natalie Young
Hamilton City Council

Improved project transparency enables Hamilton City Council to take the long view

Keeping track of the countless reports, meeting notes, decisions made and potential outcomes in any portfolio of projects is never an easy task - especially if all that information is stored in spreadsheets saved in individual folders across an organisation - or just in people's heads.

This was the challenge Hamilton City Council faced when it started the process of developing its 10-year capital portfolio plan.

To avoid these issues, Hamilton City Council chose to use Psoda where it became a single repository for all the programmes and projects in the council's 10-year capital portfolio plan.

The planning process was very complex due to the different growth scenarios the council wanted to model.

This is where Psoda’s flexibility came in.

Psoda developed a custom scenario planner which enabled the council's PMO to run multiple scenarios within the tool by effectively turning certain projects 'on' or 'off' at will to model different outcomes.

Click below to read the full PDF to find out why the council uses Psoda as its capital portfolio delivery tool.