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Work breakdown structures and timesheets

GANTT ChartWe’ve just release version 3.01 of e-LM and have added two exciting new tools for managing tasks and timesheets:

Work Breakdown Structures (aka Task Management)

This tool allows you to define WBSs for your projects. You can have more than one WBS for a project, for example to compare different alternatives.
Each WBS contains a number of tasks. Tasks can be grouped together to any number of levels. Tasks can be allocated to individual or to groups of individuals.

A work breakdown structure can be visualised using a GANTT chart which includes tasks, groups, progress indicators and milestones.

There is more information on our main site about the Work Breakdown Structure tool.


This tool allows users to log time spent on different tasks. Tasks may include project tasks (from a WBS), ad-hoc tasks and even non-billable tasks across the whole organisation.

Time logged against timesheets are automatically added to the “Actual Effort” counters for the associated tasks.

There is more information on our main site about the Timesheets tool.

Happy e-LMing!

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