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woman using project manager jargon
Project manager jargon among stakeholders - should you use it?
Project management jargon can be a confusing and overwhelming aspect of stakeholder communications. With so many acronyms, technical terms, and specialised language, it’s easy to feel intimidated or confused during project meetings and discussions. While jargon can help project managers communicate more efficiently with one another, it can also create a barrier to effective communication ... Blog
Energy conference. Psoda's stand
Psoda is attending Downstream 2023, the energy sector's strategic forum
As the world’s demand for energy continues to rise, the need for efficient and effective project management becomes increasingly critical. This is where Psoda’s expertise shines, providing innovative solutions that help organisations navigate the complexities of this dynamic industry. With years of experience and a proven track record, Psoda has become a trusted partner for ... Blog
Disaster recovery. Blades of green grass sprouting through cracks in grey concrete
Project management and disaster recovery
As we’ve seen in New Zealand in recent weeks, natural disasters can strike at any moment, and their impact can be devastating. Whether it’s fires, floods, earthquakes or severe storms, they can lead to the loss of life, damage to property and disruption of essential services. Getting through an event like this is challenging, but ... Blog
Work goals. A person jumping from a 2022 cliff to a 2023 cliff.
Five things that I do to help me when I come back to the office in the New Year.
As offices around the world start reopening after the holidays, many of us are preparing to return to work after a much-needed break. While it can be exciting to get back to work and tackle new challenges, it can also be a bit daunting to jump back into the routine. For me, coming back to ... Blog
Holiday list. Santa and his reindeer and sleigh ticking off a list.
Final things to do before leaving for Christmas - project manager edition
It’s almost that time of the year when everyone downs tools for a well-earned holiday. Like the rest of the Southern Hemisphere, we’re heading into Summer here in New Zealand, so our time off is longer than most. Whether you’re leaving for a few days, a few weeks or even longer, you want to ensure ... Blog
Natural Environment Stakeholder Engagement - Auckland Council
Natural Environment Stakeholder Engagement – achieving natural environmental outcomes across the Auckland region
Conservation of our natural environment is more important than ever. Both central Government and local communities are expecting their Councils to actively manage and protect biodiversity in their regions. Auckland Council realised that to effectively manage this huge undertaking they would need to invest in technology. The result was the Natural Environment Stakeholder Engagement (NESE) ... Blog
Pūwhenua ki Ruapehu - view of the main street in Ohakune
Pūwhenua ki Ruapehu – Making better decisions using data and community experience
Making life changing decisions for your community is never easy, but when you rely on data that isn’t fit for purpose the challenge is magnitudes harder. This was the problem Ruapehu District Council was facing. Good decisions rely on good data, so the Council commissioned the Pūwhenua ki Ruapehu study. Background Ruapehu District Council has ... Blog
Te Parikaranga - Panorama of Nelson City reflected in the Maitai River, New Zealand
Te Parikaranga - Bringing iwi engagement to the heart of Council
How do you bring your local iwi into the heart of your council and make sure community engagement becomes business as usual? Nelson City Council didn’t take a half-hearted approach when answering this question. Instead they built a brand new digital communications platform, Te Parikaranga, in collaboration with the eight iwi of Te Tauihu o ... Blog
A successful project manager is like a conductor of a symphony orchestra. Image of an orchestra
How to be a successful project manager
Getting your first job as a project manager is an exciting time! It’s a first step on a fulfilling and rewarding career journey. It can also be scary and nerve wracking, with you wondering if you’re doing it right and worrying about bringing the project to a halt because of your inexperience. Having been there ... Blog
Long term plan - a team completing a large and complex jigsaw puzzle
Long term planning – shaping the future of your district
Long term planning is hard work. You never know what is around the next corner. Case in point with Coronavirus and the impacts that it will have on the way council residents will work, rest and play in the immediate, medium and long term. The long term plan is the way a council outlines its ... Blog
Star Wars Cake - Millennium Falcon
When you are a natural born project manager and you need to bake a big Star Wars cake…
Most project managers have had at least one project that has challenged them like no other. It was probably complex with many tasks to complete, tight deadlines and for a demanding customer.  And there will have been no room for overruns on delivery or budget. The one My ‘one’ project like this happened very recently. ... Blog
Be a Valentine's Day hero. Two red heart shaped balloons floating in a blue sky
A project manager's guide to Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day. You either love it, or loathe it. Every year you’re guaranteed to read on various social media platforms about hero partners that have gone all out and made the day amazing or zero partners that have failed to deliver even the most basic of surprises. One year in my naïve youth I had ... Blog
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