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March 2007

After a few long days and even longer nights we have finally released the Test Result Management functionality. This major update in functionality allows you to record the results of your testing back into e-LM.com including screenshots or output captures. e-LM.com also automatically tracks the time that it takes you to complete the testing. This information can then be used in planning future test-runs.

Web 2.0 sites are springing up everywhere like wild mushrooms. Most of them are using AJAX to provide interactive features and to improve performance by not downloading the whole page after every user action. But are these sites falling foul of the law by discriminating against people with disabilities? Oracle has recently been involved in replacing some human resources and other software for the state of Texas in the USA. Unfortunately for a number of blind employees of the state it turned out that the new software is not accessible to them. For example one employee has to rely on a sighted person to help them enter or review hours worked, leave taken and even information concerning employees that he supervises. This has led to a civil suit being filed by the employees in a Texas state court. The complete article can be found here.