An illustration showing the difference between waterfall and agile. Waterfall is a simple staircase. Agile is zig zag steps with platforms in between.

10 differences between waterfall and agile project management

When it comes to managing projects, there are two stand out methodologies: waterfall and agile. Both...

woman closes her ears highlighting colleagues not showing effective communication in project management

How to master effective communication in project management

Effective communication is a key skill for project managers. Whether it’s convincing a...

The power of Psoda's interactive project reports

The power of Psoda’s interactive project reports!

In project management, staying on top of a project’s status and delivering what you promised is...

boy with head in hands depicting project scheduling mistakes

Five project scheduling mistakes and how to fix them

Project managers must ensure that project or programme milestones are met and deliverables stay on...

business continuity plan

Business continuity plan using a project management approach

After the horrific weather events that plagued New Zealand during our recent summer (I use that term...

Project management software vs Excel

Project management software vs Excel – which is best?

In today’s fast-paced business world, project management has become essential in achieving...

PsodaVerse – Psoda’s annual community users’ event in Wellington.

PsodaVerse 2023 – Psoda’s annual community users’ event!

After a small(ish) COVID hiatus, we were delighted to bring PsodaVerse to Wellington again in May...

project management skills

Why every manager can benefit from project management skills

As the workplace becomes increasingly complex and the need for quick results grows, project...


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