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Why Facebook Groups are great for Project Managers – guest post by Elise Stevens

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17 December 2018


I am very passionate about nurturing the sense of community in the project management industry. I believe that every single person has their perfect tribe out there, their ideal network of individuals who come together to support each other and to share their knowledge in a relevant, useful way for other project managers.

For over two decades, I have worked closely with project managers to positively impact and innovate effective management processes. I have collaborated with a range of large organisations including Queensland Urban Utilities, Ipswich City Council, Coca-Cola Amatil, Hutchinson Telecoms and Ansett Australia.

I now focus on my work with women in project management roles to reinforce within themselves their true value to their team, company and industry. I provide a channel for women’s voices to be heard, supported and embraced in project management with my podcast series, blog articles, personal training, digital courses and workshops. You can learn more on my website

Years ago, when I first started being active on social media, I thought that the LinkedIn project management groups I’d found were fantastic: large communities of project managers communicating, sharing ideas and engaging with one another – a true global community.

About 18 months into my social media journey, I began to question the quality of the engagement. These big groups that held so much promise, no longer offered much of anything. Rather these groups seemed to be an odd collection of semi-related project management articles with little meaningful engagement. So, I tuned out and dropped out of the groups.

For a while there was a lack of good quality online communities. During this time, Facebook evolved from being simply a personal social hub to that of a credible business platform. The idea that LinkedIn was a platform for business and that Facebook was for personal use was no longer valid. The key reason for this was that Facebook had introduced powerful new features to the world, and they continue to do so.

Groups on Facebook offer a great user interface which is very easy to navigate and view on any device. The layout is visually appealing with comments kept in line with content, allowing you to easily scan shared ideas quickly and follow the conversation. A variety of content can be shared within groups on Facebook, so whether you’re looking for or wanting to share videos, text, images, infographics, articles, quotes, audio, or links with other members, you can easily do so.

The good news is that LinkedIn is slowly releasing more functionality to improve the usability and engagement for users. Currently, I think that the Facebook group functionality is superior to LinkedIn.

There are over 40 project management specific Facebook groups, each with their own purpose and niche. My favourite groups are:

  • Project Management Café – Elizabeth Harrin’s group is a great environment for sharing and collaboration. The group is a vibrant, members share relevant information regularly and more importantly, they help each to other with project management knowledge and questions. You can join Project Management Café here:
  • Women of Project Management – I love this group. Asya Watkins has created this group for women to share information and support each other. You can join Women of Project Management here:
  • Project Managers: Build Your Career – Host, Mike Clayton shares his expertise and passion on how to build your project management career. This group is worth joining. You can join Project Managers: Build Your Career here:

I have also just started my own Facebook support group which is all about celebrating women in project management. It is a place to share ideas, support each other and recognise our accomplishments (which I’ve found many women do not do anywhere near enough of!). It’s a brand-new group, so jump online and introduce yourself to other wonderful women in project management. Let’s get the conversation started! . This group will be getting lots of love in the new year when we begin the Celebrating Women in Project Management 50-Day 2019 Series after the success of the 2018 event.

If you are looking for a online community of project managers that you can engage with, consider Facebook – there is a group perfect for you.

What are your favourite project management groups on Facebook? Tell us below in your comment. I’d love to know how Facebook groups have been useful to you, and I’m sure other readers would be interested to check them out.

See you online!

Elise Stevens

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