Avoid the six dangers of managing your projects using spreadsheets

Written by Rhona Aylward

Rhona is Deputy Everything Officer at Psoda, where she does everything except code. After starting life as a microbiologist she moved into PMO leadership roles around the world before settling in New Zealand with her family.

Project managers often start out using Excel to manage projects, but that is only workable up to a point. As a project gets more complicated, spreadsheets are no longer enough. Excel is a robust product, but here are six problems with using Excel to manage projects:

  1. It takes a lot of time, thought and planning to set up and maintain Excel spreadsheets. It is also not uncommon to have to completely re-design your spreadsheets regularly.
  2. There is no audit trail with spreadsheets. It’s very difficult to track what changes have been made and who made them. This makes it next to impossible to find out who made certain changes.
  3. It is easy to duplicate data. Excel doesn’t automatically check for duplicates, so the same data can easily be entered in multiple places – particularly if you have large and complicated spreadsheets.
  4. Only one person can use it at any time. This causes problems at busy times when multiple people need to make time-critical changes.
  5. It’s easy to overlook mistakes. Since Excel is not designed for large blocks of text, it is difficult to proof-read your work. There’s nothing worse than sitting in a meeting and finding an error in your report.
  6. Putting Excel data into reports is a nightmare! You can’t simply copy and paste formulas. So, to update reports, you need to modify the spreadsheet and then copy and paste the data again – and again.

So, what is the alternative to using spreadsheets to manage your projects? A proper project management tool, of course!
Tools like Psoda are purpose-built to help your projects succeed.  With Psoda you get everything you need to manage your projects in a single tool. You can plan, track and monitor everything to do with your projects in one place.
It can be hard to embrace change and move away from how things have always been done. However, the potential rewards of implementing a proper project management solution are huge.
After all, it’s about making projects successful! To see how Psoda can help, sign up for your free trial

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