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11 April 2017

Clearly defined requirements are crucial to successful delivery of a project. After all, unless you gather the requirements of a project, how will you know what it is meant to achieve and whether it has reached it objectives?
Requirements ensure everyone understands what the project is supposed to achieve, and as our video below demonstrates, without requirements, things can go quite astray on your project…

As you can see, gathering formal requirements before the project starts removes any nasty surprises as the project progresses. In fact, history has shown that the more time you spend up front on defining requirements, the less time you spend on development and rework.
Need a hand with requirements management on your project? The Psoda Requirements Management module can help you organise your project requirements, collaborate with your team, and manage change throughout the life of your programme or project.
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Written by Bruce Aylward
Bruce is Chief Everything Officer at Psoda and an award winning ICT leader. After starting life as a rocket scientist he created Psoda and has been taking the product to the world for over 10 years.

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