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A summer of animation

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Will Donaldson
7 March 2017

Going through my final year at university, I was faced with the frightening thought of finding a real, full-time job at the end of the year. Lucky for me, my girlfriend nagged and nagged me to join the Summer of Tech programme, which I kept putting off. Eventually I gave in and created my profile for Summer of Tech, and WOW, I am grateful I did!
Summer of Tech is an internship programme which provides students from university an opportunity to gain a paid summer job in their field of study. Going through the process of meeting employers, and having interviews with them was daunting, but a great learning experience.
After the meeting and interview stages, I was excited when Psoda offered me a role as an animator.
Psoda wanted someone to create tutorial videos for their software. As a designer, with a background in film, this was the perfect internship for me. The first few weeks began my transition from the unorganised life of a university student to a structured working life. The transition was going great – I was welcomed into the Psoda family, started to create some awesome tutorial videos and I was really enjoying work. That was until disaster struck.
I came down with the shingles virus after my third week at Psoda! This caused me to miss two weeks of work leading up to Christmas and the opportunity to beat everyone in the office at mini-golf for the Christmas function! Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to recover from the virus and I was able to return to work when we went back for the New Year.
What I’ve enjoyed most about working at Psoda is the freedom to create, conceptualise and develop my own ideas into the videos that I create for the company. If I were to be working in a larger company, I would only be tasked with one part of the creative process for making a video (for example, just designing the characters). Luckily at Psoda I get to control mostly all aspects of the process. Through this, I have gained experience in a whole range of processes such as: script writing, audio creation, voice acting, motion graphics, typography, video design, and, most importantly, I have gained experience in making one hell of a coffee. This leads me to the one thing I have enjoyed the least, which is that my co-worker Luke Hardiman continuously makes the milk in my coffee too hot for me to enjoy! All jokes aside, the morning coffee is a great perk of working at Psoda!
All in all, it has been an awesome experience working for Psoda over the summer. They have made my transition from university to the working world really enjoyable. Lastly, some special thanks must go to the Summer of Tech team who gave me this opportunity to find such a tremendous company to work for!
Editor’s note:
Watch the video below to see one of the incredible videos created for us.

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