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25 November 2014

For the past year I have enjoyed working as part of Psoda’s close-knit team in Wellington. Originally, I was taken on as an Artificial Intelligence intern over the summer of 2013 to 2014 through the fantastic Summer of Tech internship programme. The internship itself was high intensity and a great dive into real-world coding and business experience.
At the conclusion of this internship, I was thrilled to learn that Psoda director Bruce and Rhona wanted to keep me on through the university year to work on a variety of tasks as part of a whole new project. This was ideal for a third year university student as they were offering the ‘white whale’ of job positions that allowed me to work from home and learn how to manage my time accordingly and easily work in my university course-load. Being introduced to project management strategies and processes while working for a PPM software company certainly amps up the pressure to have good time and project management yourself. I’ll be making sure those skills stick for as long as possible.
Getting involved with and working for Psoda has been an absolute eye opener and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.
Having helped with genetic algorithms, user experience, redesign processes and the ongoing rebuild of the online help system has taught me a great deal about what might lie ahead after graduation.
At the risk of sounding like an Academy Award winner, I’d like to thank Bruce and Rhona for getting involved in the Summer of Tech internship programme last year, sharing their knowledge and showing their desire to help those starting out in their professional careers while still in education.
Nothing can quite prepare you for leaving university and entering the workforce (or so I’m told) but I think that my time with Psoda has severely helped soften the fear factor of this near approaching milestone and I appreciate their mentorship as I explore the broader IT sector in Wellington.

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Written by Bruce Aylward
Bruce is Chief Everything Officer at Psoda and an award winning ICT leader. After starting life as a rocket scientist he created Psoda and has been taking the product to the world for over 10 years.

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