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Five ways to make sure your PMO adds value

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1 April 2014

I was recently given a copy of a report by Masha Nehme from Software Advice that addressed the question: Do you need a project management office (PMO)?
The report highlighted five scenarios where having a PMO would add value to an organisation.
If you are considering implementing a PMO, it’s worth a read.
You might also want to look at covering at least some of the following five ways to ensure your PMO adds value to your organisation:

  1. Make sure the PMO gets input from your top project managers, but targets the inexperienced ones.
  2. Have at least one product to promote on “go live”. This will help ensure you are seen as credible. It doesn’t have to be anything complex – it could be as simple as a standardised form that will help your projects on the road toward consistent practices.
  3. If you are using contractors, make sure they are actively seen to be transferring their knowledge to permanent staff. Also, keep the number of contractors and the duration of contracts as short as possible.
  4. Have some type of launch event for the project managers and PMO staff. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, just something to say “Hi, we’re here”. You can use it as a way to launch your first product mentioned earlier.
  5. Make sure you engage with the project management community within your organisation regularly. You could hold morning teas or send out a regular newsletter – just something small to remind them that you exist and keep them up to date with new procedures or tools your PMO is introducing. It is also a great opportunity to remind the project managers about areas where they may have been slacking off a bit!

Remember that your PMO’s primary purpose is to deliver more successful projects – you can only do this in collaboration with your project managers.

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Written by Rhona Aylward
Rhona is Deputy Everything Officer at Psoda, where she does everything except code. After starting life as a microbiologist she moved into PMO leadership roles around the world before settling in New Zealand with her family.

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