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How a Psoda internship fuelled my passion for artificial intelligence

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4 March 2014

Taking up my internship at Psoda, as part of the Summer of Tech programme, felt both awesome and daunting at first…
I knew working at a small company it would be easier to get to know people, but I also knew that if I broke something, everyone would know it was my fault!
And even though I didn’t really know much about project and programme management, what got me really excited about the internship at Psoda, was that I’d get to work on artificial intelligence.
Studying a double major in Psychology and Computer Science at Victoria University, I am fascinated by artificial intelligence.
As a keen gamer, I became interested in how elements of psychology could be applied to computing and gaming in particular.
My interest in artificial intelligence came from being interested in the application of psychology in a more unorthodox sense and wanting to explore how you can take something that’s human nature and put it in to technology.
I enjoy studying people and natural processes in the world and I’d love to be able to mix that with the technology people play with every day and see where it takes us.
So getting to work on applying AI to Psoda’s project and programme management (PPM) tools was really fascinating.
Seeing how AI can be used in a practical business sense was quite a surprise because it was an area I did not previously expect to find AI in.
I enjoyed experimenting with where that could go, but I can’t give anything away just yet about how AI will show up in Psoda!
I also loved learning about project and programme management and discovered you can apply PPM thinking and methodology to so many things in life. It’s something I’ll be able to use during the rest of my time at university and in my future career.
What I enjoyed most about working at Psoda was the team. Bruce and Rhona have done a fantastic job with their company – it’s astounding and inspiring to see how hard they work.
New Zealand seems to grow entrepreneurial spirits but you need dedication to go for it and make it work. Bruce and Rhona have done that with Psoda and it’s wonderful to have been a part of it – even just for the summer!
As for the future, I still have a while left at University to play around and explore my options, but the end goal at the moment is to work in a field I enjoy, that relates to my studies. I think that’s everyone’s dream isn’t it?
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