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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boards
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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boardsLearn More
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Test Management

Manage all aspects of the software testing process. Work out what you need to test and why, record test results, keep track of any bugs or defects and make action plans to get problems solved.

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Who uses it?

Test analysts to create test cases that define what needs to be tested and why.

Testers to find out what to test, record their results and note any bugs or defects.

Test managers to review how long it took to complete tests to help plan future testing.

What Psoda gives the Test Team

  • Group projects into programmes
  • Group testing into projects and sub-projects
  • Define test cases with steps
  • Define dependencies
  • Visualise traceability
  • Record test results
  • Capture defects
  • Enterprise Architect Add-in

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Benefits for the Test Team

  • Define test cases with test steps.
  • Map test cases against your original requirements in the traceability matrix.
  • Attach any kind of document to a test case (including configuration scripts, screen captures and spreadsheets).
  • Add comments to test cases or steps (for example, as feedback during the review phase).
  • Define a custom review process for test cases.
  • Execute test runs on a selected group of test cases.
  • Record test results.
  • Automatically measure how long it takes to complete each test (to help plan future testing).
  • Record any defects or bugs and link these to the test case or step where it was discovered.
  • Attach screenshots or other information to a defect.
  • Allocate defects or bugs to an owner who can resolve them.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert, or just getting started Psoda has the tools to support you.