Psoda’s security measures are comprehensive and proactive to ensure your data remains secure. Specific security measures include:
  • SSL encrypted channel to the website
    • 1024 bit certificate
    • Up to 256 bit encryption depending on your browser support
    • Signed by Thawte
  • security walls between organisations
  • fine-grained access control within a single organisation
  • a single user can only be logged in from one location at a time
  • users are identified by a username and authenticated by a password
  • data servers are hosted in a secure facility, which features
    • Quad Processor Performance Servers
    • Denial of Service Protection (DDOS)
    • UPS power backup
    • diesel generator backup power
    • 24/7 network monitoring
    • mirrored storage backups
    • OC-48 backbone connection

Your data available on termination

When you have finished using Psoda and terminate your contract with us in the normal way, you can request all your data from us, and we will provide it to you in XML format.

Last update: 15 January 2017