Scaled agile

At Psoda, we understand the challenges of implementing and scaling the Agile framework. That's why we've developed an Agile native tool to provide you with the support you need.

Our tool fully aligns with SAFe principles and practices and includes powerful analytics and reporting features, so you can track progress, identify bottlenecks and make informed adjustments to keep your Agile transformation on the right track.

The benefits of Psoda

With Psoda, you can expect:
Support for SAFe roles, ceremonies and artifacts, such as Programme Increment (PI) Planning, Release Trains and Value Streams.
Capabilities to manage and prioritise a portfolio of initiatives and epics.
Visualisations like portfolio Kanban boards, strategy boards, and investment themes.
Support for managing Agile Release Trains (ARTs) and coordinating multiple teams.
Programme Increment planning tools to facilitate synchronisation and planning at the programme level.
Agile backlog management with features for prioritisation, sizing and estimation.
Integration with user stories, epics and features, including dependencies and relationships.

A comprehensive SAFe solution

With Psoda you get:
Tools for release planning, tracking and execution.
Visibility into release progress, milestones and impediments.
Features to identify, track and manage dependencies between teams, ARTs and value streams.
Dependency visualisations and impact analysis.
Integration with popular Agile and DevOps tools for seamless data flow.
Customisable dashboards and reports to track progress, metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs).
Predictive analytics for forecasting release and PI outcomes.

One solution for all your agile needs

Enjoy even more benefits of Psoda:
Document repositories to store and share Agile documentation.
Knowledge sharing features to promote best practices and lessons learned.
Integration with CI/CD pipelines for automated deployment and release management.
Support for feature flags and feature toggles.
Ability to handle large numbers of users, teams, and work items.
Customisable workflows, fields and templates to adapt to specific SAFe implementations.
Tools to map and visualise end-to-end value streams.

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