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PsodaVision – Beta

Bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boards

Do you use a physical kanban board in conjunction with an electronic board? If you do, you’ll understand the pain of having to update the electronic version after every meeting. It takes time to do and it can be really frustrating trying to make sure you get all the information in the right place.

PsodaVision takes that pain away! Instead of it taking an hour or more to process a kanban board manually, you can process a complete board in less than five minutes.

Step 1: Update your kanban board

When you’re in your meeting update your physical board as normal. You can move cards, add cards, remove cards and annotate cards.

Physical kanban being updated

Step 2: Take a photo

Once your meeting is finished, use your phone to take a photo of the updated board and upload it directly to your project in Psoda (using the PsodaVision app)

Photo of kanban uploading to Psoda

Step 3: Process the photo

Psoda automatically syncs the uploaded photo to the project you selected. You’re then able to process the cards either by accepting the selection made by Psoda or by typing in the information

Psoda kanban board being processed

Step 4: Review the results

Once you have processed all of your cards you can got to the electronic kanban view and see the cards in their correct location