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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boards
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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boardsLearn More
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Programme and Project Management

Deliver your programmes and projects on time and on budget. Customise workflows, plan, staff, track and monitor everything to do with your programmes and projects.
Target benefits, balance resources, track costs, manage time, minimise risks, mitigate issues and deal with change. Schedule program and project reports to run automatically or run manual reports as required.
Customise workflows and create custom fields to capture and report on data that’s important to you.

Kanban Board with data

What Psoda gives the PMO

  • Access to real time project information
  • Ability to spot check projects without Project Manager input
  • Run customised reports
  • Improve compliance with the organisation’s methodologies
  • Easily & quickly manage project interdependencies
  • Effectively manage and monitor project budgets
  • Quickly and easily link resources to budgets for tracking purposes
  • Manage risks and issues in accordance with best practices
  • Make sure you have the right resources available at the right time
  • Integrate with BI and Financial Management systems
  • Supports ADFS single sign on for easy user managemen

What Psoda give project teams 

  • Group projects into programs
  • Program level scheduling
  • Dependency matrix
  • Program level reporting
  • Develop program schedules and scenario test them
  • Escalate and de-escalate risks and issues
  • Program level budget management
  • Benefits realisation
  • Create work breakdown structures and virtual Kanban boards
  • Baseline budgets and track approved changes
  • Track expenses against your budgets
  • Let users enter timesheets against allocated tasks, non-billable activities or ad-hoc tasks
  • Define milestones and track progress against them
  • Keep risk and issue registers with action plans
  • Escalate risks to issues
  • Record and manage change requests

Screenshot of Psoda's budget functionPsoda Budget Charts Screenshot

Psoda Benefits Map Screenshot


  • Multiple people can update data at the same time
  • Run customised reports
  • Fully control change requests and scenario test impacts of change on the project
  • Baseline schedules, budgets and resource plans
  • Accurately monitor the project team’s hours using the inbuilt timesheets
  • Link timesheets to the project budget to monitor resource spend
  • Import and export information to various systems

Whether you’re a seasoned expert, or just getting started Psoda has the tools to support you.