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Psoda is completely configurable, so some things can get complicated. We can assist you in building custom workflows, creating custom form templates, setting up your security access, create templates for users/projects etc.
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Not only is Psoda configurable, you can request us to build specific functionality so Psoda can work exactly the way you want it to. We can build specialised importers to integrate with any system as well as build new Psoda functionality such as charts, diagrams, planners, dashboards etc.
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Report templates

Reporting is the most powerful tool in Psoda. We can create any type of report you would like and make it look exactly how you want it to.
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Our workshops help you implement Psoda into your organisation. We do an initial implementation workshop as well as phased workshops.
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We offer three training courses to help your users use Psoda. Basic user training is aimed at your standard users and goes over the basics of using Psoda. Advanced user training is more in depth and covers advanced topics. Administrator training includes important information on how to control everything in your organisation.
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Data migration

We can support you in importing data from existing sources, or we can do the importing on your behalf to make sure everything transitions smoothly into Psoda.
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