Product Management

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Explain your why!

Let’s face it, product management is hard. You need to convince executives, motivate engineers and developers, work with designers and persuade your customers that your product’s worth their time.

Instead of tearing your hair out with a multitude of different tools set your products up for success with Psoda!

Our product management module has everything you need to help you build amazing products your internal and external customers will love.



Whether you want ideas from inside or outside your organisation you can capture them from anyone with our custom forms. You don’t even have to manually score and select them. By preconfiguring the idea scoring metrics you can rank the suggestions before you even see them so only the ones that make the grade get passed on. With our custom workflow engine you can even automatically notify the submitter of the status of their idea at any time.
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Same data, different views

Whether you like to work with GANTT charts, Kanban boards or roadmaps we’ve got the view for you. Once your data’s entered click on the button for the view you want and the tool does the rest. Goodbye data duplication!
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Burndown chart from Psoda

User stories

Map your customer journey with user stories. Visualise using our burndown charts.


Capture your customer’s requirements and map them to features and releases. Easily see when something’s changed and trace the impact back to the affected requirement(s). Tag requirements with different categories for easy reporting. Balance customer needs with customer wants.
Features traceability matrix in Psoda
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Collaborate with others, regardless of location

Whether you’re in Sydney working with a team in Christchurch or just in the next room, our instant updates make it easy to work in real time.

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Stunning reports and dashboards

We all know that most people prefer nice clear visuals to screeds of text. With our stunning reports and interactive dashboards you get to view and present your data in the best light possible.

Pick from our hundreds of out the box reports, or if you fancy something a bit different you can build it yourself with our handy report wizard.