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Unlock the power of integrations with Psoda

Integrate Psoda with your other business solutions to create a centralised hub of up-to-date information.
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Seamless. Effortless. Limitless.

Introducing Psoda's API, revolutionising the way you connect and collaborate. Gone are the days of isolated systems and disjointed workflows. With Psoda's integrations, the possibilities are endless.

Our API is designed to bridge the gaps, allowing your systems to communicate and work together. Now, you have the tools to unlock endless opportunities for efficient, cohesive and powerful operations.

The world’s better when we’re connected

Keep your financials up to date
Effortlessly sync Psoda with your finance system, automatically connecting project management and financials. No more manual data entry or tedious reconciliations. With Psoda, your financial information flows smoothly between systems, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
Harness the power of your project data
Psoda can integrate with your favourite business intelligence tools, allowing you to gain deep insights and make data-driven decisions. Imagine unlocking the potential of your project data alongside your analytics platform, opening up a whole new realm of business intelligence.

Create a unified ecosystem

The best part? Psoda's API allows you to connect with any other product you desire creating a unified ecosystem tailored to your needs.

Psoda can integrate with:
Finance management systems
HR systems
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Excel and Word
Microsoft Power BI
And much more!

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