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Want to build the profession? Sponsor a student to attend a conference
Do you want to encourage someone who’s keen on a career in project management?  What better way to do so than to sponsor them to attend an event where project professionals from multiple industries get together? Here at Psoda we’re passionate about project management. So, when we were approached by the New Zealand Project Management ... Blog
The case for using a cloud portfolio, programme and project management tool
I’m often asked why an organisation should spend time and money investing in a cloud PPM tool. Here’s my reasoning as to why it is money well spent. Picture the scene… You’re a project manager on a project that’s two thirds of the way through. You have 10 different work streams, each with their own ... Blog
Managing a project in stages – why I like working this way
There are almost as many ways to manage a project as there are varieties of wines in the world. Ask a project manager what their preferred way to manage is, and you’ll likely get as many different methods as you can think of. I recently had this discussion with a few project manager friends and ... Blog
5 tips to get the most accurate estimates possible
One of the hardest parts of building a project schedule for me is getting accurate estimates for tasks. It’s made more difficult when people outside of the project see the GANTT chart and think the estimates have come out of an objective process, rather than one person’s subjective gut feel. For example, how often have ... Blog
Why lists are as important as registers for project managers
I’ll admit upfront I am naturally not a list person. So until very recently I wasn’t convinced of the difference they would make to my projects. Yes, I have logs and registers, etc., but the thought of creating a whole bunch of lists left me cold. Until I was challenged by a friend to see ... Blog
Catching up at PsodaVerse 2018 – our annual user community meeting
Yesterday was the annual Psoda user community meeting in Wellington where we were lucky enough to have a great turnout of attendees from most of our Wellington based customers, as well as several others from further afield. Our venue was the beautiful Wharewaka on Wellington waterfront, which has the most amazing views across the harbour. ... Blog
What you should look for in a project management job
I will always remember the project management job I wished I hadn’t taken. I had niggles at the interview but put them aside because it was a job and at the time I needed one. Unfortunately, it’s a decision I lived to regret – the job just wasn’t a good fit for my skills and ... Blog
9 things to think about when developing a communication plan
Getting communication right when running a project is a tricky business. It’s more than just pushing out the occasional project update. You need to think about everything from how you’ll communicate to your team, the way you will report to your steering committee, how you will keep your wider stakeholders informed, and how you will ... Blog
How to promote your PMO
One of the hardest things as a new PMO, is to get the business to believe in you and buy into the service you’re offering. Over the years I’ve seen a number of great PMOs fail to deliver on their promise simply because they haven’t promoted themselves properly. So, if you’re in the process of ... Blog
Five things I’ve done to become a better project manager
Hello and welcome to my first blog of 2018. In honour of the New Year I want to share some steps I’ve taken recently I hope will help me become a better project manager. Before I went on leave over Christmas, I’d noticed I’d become jaded and disinterested in my projects. I was snappy, with ... Blog
The joys and rewards of continuous learning in project management
Each week or so, I join a group of project management professionals on Twitter to debate a particular project management-related topic. Called #PMChat, the chat group is a great way for me to gather opinions from other project management practitioners and to get answers to questions which bother me. I also get access to project ... Blog
Help! My project is over budget and behind schedule, what should I do?
Help – I’m the project manager on what can only be described as a hospital pass of a project. I was given the role four months ago after the previous project manager resigned (she was the third PM in a year!). Because of the constant change in project managers, the project has really lost its ... Blog
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