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What is a PMO?
Welcome to the latest “Ask a project manager” blog. This week’s question isn’t about project management but about that lovely adjunct – PMOs. I’m a recent graduate and have an interview for a (very) junior role in a PMO. I’m really excited but I’ve not got much of a clue about what a PMO is ... Blog
5 Key Challenges Construction Project Managers Face
Effective project management is vital to the timely delivery of a construction project. In an industry where each project has several stakeholders, budget constraints, and scheduling issues, a construction project manager needs to be prepared to face challenges and ensure the completion of a project. The issues construction project managers are tasked to handle may ... Blog
How to rescue a project in trouble
Welcome to the latest “Ask a project manager” blog. This week’s question is about how to rescue a project that’s in trouble. Our questioner asks: I’ve got a bit of a dilemma. My boss has asked me to take on a project that’s in real trouble and I don’t quite know where to start. I’m ... Blog
An easy 10-minute guide to change management
All projects involve some form of change, whether you’re building a bridge, putting in a new IT system or modifying business processes. To put it simply, change management is the processes, techniques and tools you use to get people ready for the changes your project will be bringing. It shouldn’t be confused with change control ... Blog
How do I keep my subject matter experts happy?
Welcome to the latest Ask a Project Manager blog. This week we’re answering a question about subject matter experts. I’m working on a large and complicated project at the moment, involving a lot of different subject matter experts. They’re not in my project team full time but are assigned to it on an “as needed” ... Blog
An easy 10 minute guide to project quality management
Quality management is one of the most misunderstood parts of project management. Unfortunately project managers often think it’s a policing activity that is there to “catch them out”. The truth is that in the simplest terms, project quality management is there to make sure the project delivers what it said it would. Nothing more. A ... Blog
Who does what in a project?
Welcome to our new blog series ask a project manager, where I’ll be answering any portfolio, programme or project management related questions. I’m Rhona Aylward, Deputy Everything Officer at Psoda and I’ve been involved with portfolio, programmes and projects for over 20 years. I’ve set up PMOs, been a project manager, worked as a subject matter expert, ... Blog
The Role Of Emerging Technology In Project Management
For decades, task managers and their subordinates have been using project management processes to plan and implement large-scale projects. Though legacy approaches have changed over time, the emergence of cutting-edge physical technology and cloud-based software solutions are quickly changing the game. This post takes a look at the past, present, and future of project management ... Blog
Why Facebook Groups are great for Project Managers - guest post by Elise Stevens
I am very passionate about nurturing the sense of community in the project management industry. I believe that every single person has their perfect tribe out there, their ideal network of individuals who come together to support each other and to share their knowledge in a relevant, useful way for other project managers. For over ... Blog
Psoda welcomes two more Summer of Tech interns
We’re proud and excited to share that we have once again appointed two interns to help us over the New Zealand summer. Logan Barnett and Rodney Cruden-Powell have both just completed their computer science studies at Victoria University of Wellington and join us through the incredible Summer of Tech internship programme. This is the fourth ... Blog
A column of boxes with ticks in them showing good project requirements
How to help your project succeed with good requirements
Capturing project requirements is what I call a swan task. On the surface it looks really easy and not much effort but underneath is a heck of a lot of work. It’s also one of those jobs that if it isn’t done properly it will have a significant negative impact on your project. Normally by ... Blog
An easy ten minute guide to resource management
Whether you’re new to project management or an old hand, resource management can be a time consuming and frustrating exercise. It’s important to remember that resource management is about more than people management. It also covers the equipment needed to do the work and any materials. One of the most common problems for project managers ... Blog
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