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A flooded London underground station. Project management and disaster recovery in action
Why Project Management Is Crucial to Disaster Recovery
No company is completely immune from facing a disaster. Whether it’s a wildfire, flood, or pandemic, as we’re currently experiencing, disasters negatively impact companies and how they operate. Various local and global threats exist that we can’t always anticipate. Still, when these disasters occur, it shows how critical it is to plan and expect the ... Blog
You're a clinician. Speech bubbles with who, what, when, where, why and who
Ask a Project Manager – Help! I’m a clinician, I’ve been asked to run a project and don’t know where to start!
Welcome to our latest Ask a Project Manager blog. This time I’ve been asked how to help a clinician run a project they’ve been given when they have no project management experience. Hello, I’m looking for some advice please. I’m a clinician in a hospital and I’ve been handed a project to run. I’ve got ... Blog
Keeping your projects healthy. A pile of different coloured pills
How to achieve healthy projects in four simple steps
Keeping projects healthy takes a huge amount of time and energy, especially when you’re managing more than one or managing it on top of your day job. Here are four useful tips to ensure your projects stay in tip top condition. Tip 1: Manage your schedule The project schedule is one of your most important ... Blog
Agile construction - tractors and other heavy machinery on a building site
A Beginner’s Guide to Agile Construction
Take a look at your current operating procedures.  How long does it take your company to restructure and switch between design styles or projects? The construction industry as a whole isn’t generally the most agile, often remaining quite hidebound and set in their ways, content to let the rest of the world move on without ... Blog
Writing documents: A man creating a document on a tablet
Writing documents your stakeholders will read
“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” – George Berkeley If you write a project document and no one reads it, what was the point of writing it? You’ve spent hours crafting what you’re sure is the perfect project initiation document and ... Blog
working remotely - a sunny day with bench on a hill overlooking Wellington harbour
How to Effectively Manage a Project Remotely
Working remotely is the new normal for many of us. I authored this blog at home, for example! According to an Airtasker survey, remote workers are more productive and less distracted than their office-located counterparts. However, as a project manager, how do you manage your team effectively from a distance and ensure your projects stay ... Blog
Construction training program. A man doing technical drawing
Essentials of a Construction Training Program
Construction is an industry that’s usually associated with on-the-job training. But a more comprehensive training program is quickly becoming essential throughout the sector. What are some of the essentials of this sort of training program? 1. Apprenticeships High school students who look beyond the “college is the only choice” axion are often on the lookout ... Blog
Mentoring for Women in Project Management
I was very pleased to be invited to present at the monthly PMI Women in Project Management Forum in February.  I chose a topic close to my heart – how mentoring can kick-start your career. My mentorship journey I’ve been fortunate enough to have had two great mentors in my life – both older men.  ... Blog
The Top Uses of Digital Technology in the Construction Industry
Construction isn’t a particularly high-tech industry, or at least it hasn’t been until recently. Historically, the sector has been slow to adopt new technologies, either from a lack of demand or prohibitive upfront costs. As digital tech like project management has skyrocketed in the past few years, that’s starting to change. Digital tools like project ... Blog
3 Reasons Why Construction Businesses Should Switch to Remote Work
The COVID-19 situation has forced many businesses to make some changes to the way they operate. Because of strict stay-at-home orders by governments to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, some companies have opted for flexible work-at-home arrangements instead of stopping operations altogether. Using collaboration tools and remote management practices, these businesses will be ... Blog
Pandemics and Project Managers
I never thought that my first blog after my holiday would be about a pandemic, but here we are. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that COVID-19 is currently rampaging its way around the world. It’s disrupting everything in people’s lives – from travel to work to social gatherings and in most ... Blog
What does a project dream team look like?
No one is self sufficient. This is why teams are crucial in project management. Teamwork is essential for the smooth running of projects. It allows for more successful project outcomes by helping to drive the team to its goal faster and more efficiently. However, for teamwork to be effective, there has to be strong leadership, ... Blog
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