Convention highlights need for greater innovation & investment in Australian healthcare

We’re currently exhibiting at the Improving Healthcare International Convention in Melbourne as part ...

Torso of a person in scrubs holding an ipad

The fundamentals of healthcare project management

Following on from our last blog about why clinicians make good project managers, this week I look at ...

Why clinicians make good project managers. Stethoscope & Keyboard

Why clinicians make good project managers

A lot of healthcare providers use clinicians as project managers from time to time. But it can be ...

3d girl with multiple arrow paths

Do project managers have to be experienced in the industry they work in?

  This is a question I regularly hear debated, particularly when an attractive looking job ...

Row of conference attendees with a man using a smartphone

Are conferences good for project managers?

This is a question I asked myself when I was manning our stand at the PMINZ annual conference last ...

Businessman juggling business tools

How to manage multiple projects successfully

In an ideal world project managers would manage one project at a time from inception through to ...

Image of the Gaudi House in Barcelona

Architecture and extreme project management – a match made by design

Last year when I was researching my blog post about extreme project management I discovered that it ...

Mountains with a sign saying intern wanted

An employer’s view on the benefits of paid internships

Internships have been great for our business. By bringing in third and final year students for a few ...


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