UX Designer Marina Voronova

A day in the life of… Marina Voronova, UX designer

Psoda is publishing a series of articles allowing a look inside the business. Picking up the baton ...

Hands holding a help sign in a sea of crumpled paper

How to ensure your PPM tool implementation is successful

Some people think that implementing a PPM tool will solve all of their project management woes and ...

Photo of the Psoda clock above the desk of the COO

A day in the life of… Rhona Aylward, COO

With the Psoda team growing so fast, I decided to start a series of blog articles where we offer a ...

Project management word cloud

KPIs for project managers

A friend and I were discussing the way project managers are assessed in large organisations and we ...

Psoda employees outside the Psoda office

Two graduates join the Psoda team

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added two new members to the Psoda team. Marina Voronova and ...

Mother and son

Women in Tech – It’s not just about our daughters

As a woman in tech I’m both encouraged and saddened by the #womenintech movement. Encouraged that ...

2 women having an informal discussion

How to be a better project management mentor (and mentee)

Last week, I had the privilege to join in a very interesting Twitter conversation about mentoring ...

Laptop with coffee and timtams

Ten things I wish people had told me

Just before I came back from my holidays I was working out how long I’ve been in the workforce. ...


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