Suited man wielding a Samuri sword over his shoulder

A case study in social engineering

With the recent hacking of Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts bringing cyber ...

Stand up meeting

The benefits of the daily stand-up meeting

The second task of the day in the Psoda office (making coffee is the first) is the daily stand-up ...

four yellow rubber ducks in a row

How to get through a project assurance audit in one piece

I’ve been (un)lucky enough to be involved in project assurance audits as both the auditor and ...

Project management disruptor: Suited man smashing a wall with a hammer

How to become a project management disruptor

In project management, as in many other areas, changing the way we do things can be hard, but can ...


Learn how to adapt, change and disrupt with Psoda at PMI Australia Conference

Project managers can no longer afford to merely adapt and change. They also have to become ...

Head shot of Junior Developer Luke Hardiman

A day in the life of… Luke Hardiman, Junior Developer

Today, I’m interviewing our Junior Developer, Luke Hardiman to find out what a typical day ...

A column of boxes with ticks in them showing good project requirements

Twelve questions to ask cloud PPM providers

Picking a cloud programme and project management (PPM) tool is a decision that shouldn’t be taken ...


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