We’re a Silver Sponsor at ITx 2016 next week

Next week sees Wellington host one of the largest IT conferences this year. ITx 2016 is 12 ...

Team reviewing financial information

Project finances in a business as usual environment

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re accountable for something but have absolutely no ...

Brain on a circuit board

The digital life of a project manager

As our personal lives become more and more digitalised, it seems logical that our business lives are ...

Torso of a person in scrubs holding an ipad

The health tech innovations we love the most

Here at Psoda we’re lucky to have some great healthcare providers and district health boards (DHBs) ...

Suited man wielding a Samuri sword over his shoulder

A case study in social engineering

With the recent hacking of Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts bringing cyber security ...

Stand up meeting

The benefits of the daily stand-up meeting

The second task of the day in the Psoda office (making coffee is the first) is the daily stand-up ...

four yellow rubber ducks in a row

How to get through a project assurance audit in one piece

I’ve been (un)lucky enough to be involved in project assurance audits as both the auditor and ...

Project management disruptor: Suited man smashing a wall with a hammer

How to become a project management disruptor

In project management, as in many other areas, changing the way we do things can be hard, but can be ...


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