4 people holding jigsaw pieces

10 ways to get the most out of project planning

Everyone wants to make their projects successful and any little thing that can help is always ...

Steering committee sitting around a table

An idiot’s guide to being on a steering committee

If you’ve been conscripted into being on a steering committee for a project, but have no idea what ...

A column of boxes with ticks in them showing good project requirements

Should project managers be responsible for doing some form of quality assurance on their projects?

Project assurance is one of the least appreciated parts of project management. Too often it is ...


How to successfully manage organisation change

Any project undertaken by an organisation will inevitably result in some kind of change. This ...

Gantt chart with thumbs up and down

Why bother with Gantt charting?

Before we get into this blog post, I need to hold my hands up and confess I’m not a fan of Gantt ...

Black & white chess knights facing each other

What’s the difference between product management and project management?

We’re busy developing some new apps in the office and our designer asked us a really simple, on ...

Thumb up in the air

New Zealand project management champions celebrated

Celebrating success is important – it helps recognise great achievements and inspires people to ...

PMI Conference Logo

Psoda is exhibiting at the PMI Conference in Auckland

With just over a week to go, the Psoda team is getting geared up to exhibit at this year’s Project ...


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