Glasses focusing on data with paper blurred in the background

PMO as a service – a quick (and rather painless) path to project management maturity

In organisations with poor project maturity, it is almost impossible to get a handle on how much ...

Phoenix rising from the flames that has PMO in it

Phoenix rising: the rise, fall and rebirth of the PMO

In an ever changing business world it’s not surprising that project management offices (PMOs) need ...

Merry Christmas from Santa - the ultimate project manager

Why Santa Claus is the ultimate project manager

For the final blog of the year, and with the big day fast approaching, I wanted to get into the ...

Can of bug spray

Why can’t bug spray work on software?

Blasted bugs. They’re guaranteed to turn up just when you don’t want them, hang about like a bad ...

Head shot of Junior Developer Luke Hardiman

Kiwicon: a real security eye-opener for developers

I’ve always thought I was pretty security conscious with my own laptop, data and information – ...


What I learned about being a better developer from hackers at Kiwicon

Having only recently entered the workforce as a developer, I didn’t quite know what to expect when I ...

4 people holding jigsaw pieces

10 ways to get the most out of project planning

Everyone wants to make their projects successful and any little thing that can help is always ...

Steering committee sitting around a table

An idiot’s guide to being on a steering committee

If you’ve been conscripted into being on a steering committee for a project, but have no idea what ...


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