Scunnered with sexism

Scunnered – A Rant from a Pissed Off Woman!

Another week and another slew of articles about why companies need more women in tech and facile ...

Spreadsheet with do not enter across it

Avoid the six dangers of managing your projects using spreadsheets

Project managers often start out using Excel to manage projects, but that is only workable up to a ...

Project portfolio management bubble chart

Why and how to create a portfolio management strategy

If you don’t already have a portfolio management strategy in place, you may be wondering what it ...


Eleven project management terms everyone should know

Being involved in projects, even if you’re on the periphery, can expose you to a whole new language ...

The big picture - Wellington city from the botanic gardens

Focus on the big picture – why project managers shouldn’t sweat the small stuff

I’m the first to admit that when I started out in project management I was absolutely terrible at ...

Showcase of Features of Psoda - Inline Editing in gold letters

How inline editing works in Psoda

We’re proud to present our new Showcase video series, which highlights some of the awesome current ...

Celebration of the close of a project. Clip art people with party hats & streamers,

How to shut down a project – in a dignified way

The day you probably thought you would never live to see has finally arrived – you have a final ...

Who needs requirements

Video: Why you need requirements on your project…

Clearly defined requirements are crucial to successful delivery of a project. After all, unless you ...


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