A $1-million lesson on why communication in projects is critical (well, almost!)

This is the story of how I almost cost my company a million-dollar contract simply by not ...

A man standing outside 4 PMO doors & struggling to select one

How to choose the best PMO model

Project, programme or portfolio management offices (PMO) come in many different flavours – ...

Thumbnail of the Making Project Management Simple Video

Psoda’s new YouTube channel

Project management made simple! We’ve recently launched our Psoda YouTube channel where we’ll be ...

Green superhero with the recycle sign on his chest

Can project management (help) save the world?

A clickbaitesque title I know, but it’s something that I have been thinking a lot about recently. ...

Chet Peesapati - Psoda Junior Developer

Meet Chet – Psoda’s new AI-loving, Shogi playing developer

A keen interest in artificial intelligence and programming has led Chet Peesapati to the perfect ...

Example of a hierarchical project work breakdown structure

Five tips to help you build the best work breakdown structure possible

A project’s work breakdown structure is one of the first, if not the first, deliverable of the ...

Female project manager holding papers

Encouraging the next generation of project professionals

When you’re next at a project management conference or event, take a look around at the ...

Matrix manager

How to manage when you’re not “the manager”

As a project manager, you’re often in the unenviable position of managing people while not being ...


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