Psoda API: List of child objects

Psoda API – /rest_api/v1/objects/{object id}/children.json

Use this URI to retrieve a list of child objects for the selected object identified by {object id}. You can filter the results using the following parameters:

Header: API-Key (mandatory)

You must specify an API-Key to access any data from Psoda. You can find your API-Key by logging into Psoda with the user account you want to use for the API, navigate to “My stuff” and then click on the “API Code” button in the top header area.

Header: If-Modified-Since (optional)

Use this header if you want to limit the results to only those children that have been modified since the specified date. The date is in a text format, e.g. 15 Nov 1994 12:45:26 GMT

Header: Accept-Language (optional)

Use this header if you want to change the language for the user. The following languages are currently supported:
  • af – Afrikaans
  • en – English
  • en-nz – English
  • en-uk – English
  • en-us – United States English
  • ja – Japanese
  • ru – Russian
  • zh-cn – Simplified Chinese
  • zh-hk – Simplified Chinese
  • zh-mo – Simplified Chinese
  • zh-sg – Simplified Chinese
  • zh-tw – Simplified Chinese
  • zh – Simplified Chinese

Parameter: lang (optional)

Alternatively you can use this parameter to set the language.

Parameter: fields (optional)

You can use this parameter to limit which attributes are returned from the API call. You can specify multiple fields with commas separating them. If the field does not exist for the item then it will not be included in the result.

Parameter: classes (optional)

You can use this parameter to types of children that will be returned from the query. It is a comma separted list for example “risk,issue,action”

Parameter: include_archived (optional)

The default is to include any archived items in the query response. You can set this optional parameter to “false” to block archived items from being returned.

Parameter: include_deleted (optional)

The default is to not include any deleted items in the response. You can set this optional parameter to “true” to include deleted items.
The top level of the API isĀ