Psoda API: The language string

Psoda API – /rest_api/v1/strings.json

Use this URI to retrieve a language string from the database.

Header: Accept-Language (optional)

Use this header if you want to change the language for the user. The following languages are currently supported:
  • af – Afrikaans
  • en – English
  • en-nz – English
  • en-uk – English
  • en-us – United States English
  • ja – Japanese
  • ru – Russian
  • zh-cn – Simplified Chinese
  • zh-hk – Simplified Chinese
  • zh-mo – Simplified Chinese
  • zh-sg – Simplified Chinese
  • zh-tw – Simplified Chinese
  • zh – Simplified Chinese

Parameter: lang (optional)

Alternatively you can use this parameter to set the language.

Parameter: strings (mandatory)

Provide a comma separated list of string IDs to retrieve, e.g. 1,2,3,4
You can also use /rest_api/v1/strings/{string id}.json to retrieve a single string.
The top level of the API isĀ