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Design and manage your testing process

Describe in detail how to perform a test and what the results should be with the Psoda test cases tool.

  • Write test cases that define exactly how something should be tested, and document the results of your test runs.
  • List your expected results or success criteria.
  • Define the specific setup or configuration requirements (pre-conditions).
  • Attach configuration or test scripts to the test case.
  • View all test results related to a particular test case or step.
  • Generate a test specification report in MS Word, Excel, HTML or plain text.

Who uses it?

  • Test Analysts to write test cases and test steps.
  • Test Engineers refer to test cases when they're executing a test run.

Screenshot: Test specification report

The test specification report summarises everything to do with your testing including the purpose of the test, how to perform the test, any special set-up or configuration requirements and what you expect to happen. It also provides space to record the actual outcome of the testing.

Screenshot of a test specification.

The test specification report can be exported to MSWord, Excel, HTML or plain text file formats. You can also completely customise the test specification report using the XML report template language.

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