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Integrate Enterprise Architect with Psoda for end-to-end traceability from use-cases and requirements to test cases

The Psoda add-in for SPARX Systems' Enterprise Architect (EA) allows you to import requirements and use-cases directly from EA into the relevant projects within Psoda. You can then enter test cases against those requirements and use-cases for full end-to-end traceability, even down to individual test steps.

  • Import requirements and use-cases directly from Enterprise Architect into the relevant projects within Psoda
  • Automatically flag changes made to requirements and use-cases within Enterprise Architect in Psoda
  • Only enter data once - no need to copy information between multiple systems, potentially losing critical information in the process
  • Traceability matrix shows end-to-end traceability from requirements through use-cases all the way down to test cases and even individual test steps
  • Easily check that you have 100% test coverage of all requirements and use-cases
  • Add new projects into Psoda directly from the EA add-in

Who uses it?

  • Test Analysts to import requirements and use-cases into Psoda before writing test cases. Also to synchronise updates from Enterprise Architect and check for changes to requirements and use-cases that might impact their test cases.
  • Business Analysts to migrate data between Enterprise Architect and Psoda.


The screenshot below shows the Psoda add-in for Enterprise Architect where you select which modules from EA to synchronise and which project in Psoda you want to synchronise to:

Screenshot of synchronising between EA and Psoda.

Add project

If you are working on a new project and it does not exist in Psoda yet then you can add it directly from the add-in:

Screenshot of adding a new project.


Click here to download the Windows installer for the Enterprise Architect add-in. You will also need a login for Psoda. If you don't have one already you can sign up for a 30 day free trial account.

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