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Organise your project requirements, collaborate with your team, and manage change throughout the life of your programme or project.

Requirements can range from high-level to functional, non-functional, detailed or use-cases and user stories.

Who uses it?

  • Business Analysts to record project or sub-project requirements and manage any changes to scope.
  • Test Analysts to check that they've written tests for every requirement.

What can you do?

  • Add, update and delete requirements.
  • Attach any kind of document to a requirement (for example, interaction or class diagrams, use-cases, user stories and spreadsheets).
  • Let stakeholders comment on individual requirements.
  • Capture dependencies between requirements (for example, from a high-level requirement to its derived detailed requirements).
  • Visualise dependencies in a traceability matrix.
  • Analyse the impact of a change request.
  • Track the progress of propagating a change through the dependency hierarchy.
  • Define a custom sign-off process for requirements.

“I think Psoda's a well thought through and implemented application. I was impressed with the introductory session we have and subsequently found it easy to use and a very helpful tool - especially in helping to determine requirements and define a clear path.”
Stewart Gebbie
Manager - Support & Managed Services
Solnet Solutions Limited

Get your 30 day free trial