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Timesheets made easy

Enter and manage timesheets and keep tabs on how much time you're spending on project tasks with the Psoda timesheet tool.

  • Enter in weekly timesheets.
  • Log your time against project tasks or non-billable tasks.
  • Quickly add in an ad-hoc task if none of the tasks allocated to you are appropriate (and move this time to a billable task later on if you need to).
  • Track how much time you've spent overall on each project task.

Who uses it?

  • Anyone who needs to enter or review timesheets and log their time against project tasks.

Screenshot: Enter weekly timesheets

Weekly timesheets track people's time by task. Tasks can be project related, ad-hoc or non-billable, and you can add as many tasks to a timesheet as you need.

Screenshot of an individual timesheet.

Screenshot: Review people's timesheets

See how much time people are spending on their project, ad-hoc and non-billable tasks.

Screenshot of timesheets logged for a particular user.

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