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Prioritise your programmes and projects based on key indicators.

With the Portfolio Management tools you can group your programmes and projects into portfolios of work and then prioritise that work based on customisable key indicators.

  • Define the key indicators for your organisation.
  • Track each programme and project against the key indicators you have defined.
  • Group programmes and projects into portfolios.
  • Set the weightings for the indicators independently for each portfolio.
  • Automatically calculate the score for each programme or project in a portfolio based on the key indicators and the weightings for that portfolio. This is sometimes refered to as a balanced scorecard.
  • Lists can be easily sorted for diffirent indicators by clicking on the heading.
  • View a bubble diagram of the programmes and projects in a portfolio.

Who uses it?

  • Portfolio directors
  • You can also give your stakeholders or steering committee members read-only access (for free) so they have a real-time view of your portfolio and the performance of the programmes and projects in the portfolio against the key indicators.

Screenshot: Portfolio dashboard

The portfolio dashboard shows a list of the programmes and projects in the portfolio with their scores against the organisation's key indicators, a bubble diagram, a pipeline view and a number of other tables with repors, financial performance, issues, risks, etc. across the portfolio. The bubble diagram can be customised by users to compare any three indicators. In this example it shows the stakeholder engagement vs the risk with the bubble size indicating the project size.

Screenshot of the portfolio dashboard.

Get your 30 day free trial