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Keep track of your budgets

Make managing budgets easy with the Psoda budget management tool.

  • Plan and track all your budgets from one central source.
  • See how your budget is structured at a glance.
  • Easily group budget line items and calculate sub-totals.
  • Baseline your budget to separate your budget baseline from approved changes.
  • Record expenses and track how much you've spent against each budget line item.
  • Quickly identify any budget overruns.

Who uses it?

  • Managers and directors to plan and track budgets for programmes, projects or sub-projects.

Screenshot: Your budget summary

Forecast how much you plan to spend each month, then approve and sign off your budget. Record any approved changes to the budget, and track how much you're actually spending. Red colour coding lets you quickly spot any budget overruns.

Screenshot of a budget table.

Screenshot: Track how much you've spent

Record your project expenses against each budget line item. Then see how much you've spent compared to your original budget estimate.

Screenshot of a baseline vs actual chart.

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