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Track and manage the development of products at all stages of their lifecycle. Products can range from services you've implemented, to software and hardware or even a policy document.

Who uses it?

  • Product Managers to plan future releases of products and record any change requests, issues or defects on current releases.
  • Give your customers limited access (for free) so they can see release notes and log any enhancement requests or problems they have.

What can you do?

  • Add and track products.
  • Define a roadmap for a product by adding releases and allocating features to those releases.
  • Associate a release with a project when it's being implemented. This lets you link features directly to requirements on the project.
  • Capture release notes against releases.
  • Capture any change requests, issues or defects on a particular release.

“I found it quick and easy to get going with Psoda, but if you lift the hood there is a comprehensive set of features for managing the key aspects of projects and programmes.

One of the main benefits for us is having all the important project information in one place, organized in a structured and logical way, with the ability to generate reports with different levels of detail for different audiences.”
Matthew Hamblin
Advanced Metering Systems

Get your 30 day free trial