Psoda's accessibility features

We've made Psoda as easy as possible to use regardless of the device you're using to access it.


The Psoda user interface is available in multiple languages. Please pick your preferred language from the list below:

You can also change your preferred language from the menu at the top-right of the page.

If you'd like a new language added, please contact our support team and we'll make that language a priority.

Text-only mode and high-contrast text-only mode

The user menu includes options to view Psoda in text-only or high-contrast text-only modes. These modes should be safe on most devices including PDAs and other mobile devices.

It also allows you to resize the font size using your browser settings. The high-contrast mode uses a black background and light text colours if you prefer.

Page zoom

Most browsers support functions to zoom in and out on the page. Normally the keyboard shortcut for this is to hold down the CTRL key and then pressing + to zoom in or - to zoom out. To reset your zoom to 100% hold down the CTRL key and press 0.

Skip links

At the top of each page we've included a number of skip links that are visible in text-only modes and to screen readers. These links make it easier to skip to a particular section of a page. Skip links include:

  • popup windows
  • main content
  • user menu
  • main menu
  • contact information
  • footer menu

Popup windows

Traditional popup windows make a site difficult to use for people with certain visual impairments. For this reason, we decided to use a pseudo popup window mechanism on the site to overcome the problems with traditional popups.

In Psoda, the popup window is just a normal part of the page. If you have JavaScript enabled then you can drag the window around as you would a normal window.

If you don't have JavaScript enabled, you won't be able to drag the window but you can still interact with it normally. If you're using a screen reader, then the popup will appear as just another section of the page.


Portions of Psoda use AJAX to improve performance. If you don't have JavaScript support in your browser, Psoda will revert to normal HTML interactions with the server and the functionality won't degrade (although the performance might be slightly slower).

Online help

Once you've logged into Psoda, you can access our comprehensive online help section. This includes useful tips and information, and context sensitive links from most pages and dialogue boxes.