Monthly price for one user

  • Each Psoda module costs one unit per month (a unit is worth US$37).
  • We give you free read-only access for your customers or senior managers; and free account management with any of the modules.
  • Or get a system administration licence for three units per month (US$112). This licence gives you access to all four Psoda modules plus custom report templates, custom workflows and custom access control.

Find out more about our licensing modules.

How our pay-as-you-go plan works

Sign up for our 30 day trial

Decide what Psoda tools you'd like to subscribe to, and sign up for our free 30 day trial. We send you an email at the end of the month with information about how to sign up for our pay-as-you-go plan.

Credit your account

You decide how much money you'd like to credit your account with. You can pay for just one month, or top up your account to cover several months in advance.

Pay for what you use

Each month we deduct money from your account based on how many Psoda tools you're subscribed to that month.

Top up as needed

We send you an email when your account is running low. If you run out of credit, your account switches to read-only access until you top up again.

Buy more units for bigger discounts

The more units you buy in one go, the bigger discount we'll give you...
Buy 12 units for a 5% discount
Buy 120 units for a 10% discount
Buy 1200 units for a 25% discount

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