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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boards
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Psoda is bridging the gap between physical and electronic kanban boardsLearn More
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We offer the following services to help make it even easier getting started with Psoda. To find out more about any of our services just send us an email.

Online help and customer support

Psoda has a comprehensive online help section with useful tips and information, context sensitive links from most pages and dialogue boxes.

And we’re just a phone-call away if you’d like to talk to someone. Our support number is NZ freephone number 0800 543 3292 or international +64 4 499 1701. You can also log any problems or make suggestions for change using our online support portal.


We offer two training courses for Psoda:

The Basic User course is best run in groups of 10. The course lasts about 3 hours, and we can customize it to suit your needs.

The System Administrator course covers the configuration of Psoda, including setting up security profiles, creating custom workflows and developing custom report templates. This course is about 7 hours.

Customize Psoda to suit you

You can customize Psoda tools in a number of ways.

We can help you design the best configurations to suit your business needs and implement them for you, whether you want to set up security profiles, create custom workflows or develop custom report templates.


Need help developing best-practice program and project management procedures within your organization? Our consultants can help train your staff in project management skills.

Tell us what new features you need

Let us know if you want extra features added, and vote for your favorite enhancement requests.

We log these requests, and prioritize them based on how many people are asking for the same feature and then, once the update is made, we upgrade everyone automatically and for free.

Or, if it’s an urgent change, you can pay for development of the new feature and we’ll prioritize this change. And if other customers are interested in the same feature, we’ll split the cost between you.

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