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Solutions for Transport

Getting people and freight from A to B in the most efficient way is a primary role of transport agencies. Technology is a key enabler of that role. Whether you’re building new transport infrastructure, bringing new traffic management systems online or rolling out changes to a country’s driving licences, Psoda can help.

Be Mobile

Even if you spend 90% of your time on the road, your portfolio, programme and project data is always within reach. Because Psoda is a cloud solution, your information is accessible online anywhere with internet access – at any time, on any device.

Be Transparent

Do you struggle to provide real time updates on your programmes and projects in team meetings? Run Psoda live in meetings to put all the information your team needs right in front of them, so there’s no need to go away and find answers to questions raised at the meeting.

Be Efficient

Whether you need to report at the project, programme or portfolio level, with Psoda you only enter the data once. Psoda’s customisable reporting engine generates reports at the touch of a button, so you no longer have to run reports in multiple systems and collate the data in different ways to meet your stakeholders’ needs. Our customers find this typically saves them between 2 and 5 days a month.