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Wellington PRINCE 2 User Group

PRINCE2 logoI had the pleasure of attending the last Wellington PRINCE 2 User Group Meeting of the year last week. It’s a meeting that I had always intended to go to but other things kept getting in the way, but if last night is anything to go by it will be a permanent addition to my calendar.

The topic of discussion was lessons learned, with the floor being opened to the attendees to share their most important project management related lessons of the year.

Lessons that were shared included:

  • Make sure you add the possibility of your developer being murdered to your risk register (yes, this was an actual lesson shared)
  • Run away if the organisation can’t articulate the benefits they want to achieve from the project
  • Project sponsors need to be educated on their role, as they may have little or no understanding of what’s required of them
  • Don’t be afraid to stop your project

My top three lessons of 2011 were:

  • Never be afraid to ask for help
  • Working outside your comfort zone is a good thing
  • Your business should be supported by tools; not defined by them

What were the best lessons you learned this year? Will you apply them to your next project?

If you’re interested in joining the user group you can connect via the Wellington PRINCE 2 User Group on LinkedIn


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