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Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time developing documentation on various software projects. From proposals through high-level requirements, detailed requirements, use-cases, architecture, design, interface specs, unit testing, acceptance test specs and millions more.

Did anybody every use these documents? I hope so because it was a very painful process.

Then somebody changes something at the top of the pile and it takes forever to find all the bits that need to be updated to match.

This is what e-LM.com does. It connects all the bits together and keeps track of changes. It also makes all the bits visible to your project team in real-time. In fact you can now make your customers active members of your project team.

The end result is improved quality on your project through better communication and collaboration.

In the coming months we will explore different aspects of the project life-cycle, what you can do to make things better and how e-LM.com can support you in doing that.

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