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Thoughts on creating the next generation of tech leaders

As a New Zealand technology company founder, I am very passionate about how to ensure the future prosperity of our local tech industry.

I believe the technology sector could become a leading source of export revenues for the country, which will help reduce our reliance on primary industries. But to achieve that we need to focus on developing the next generation of computer scientists and tech entrepreneurs.

How do we do this?

I shared my thoughts on how we can develop the next generation of computer scientists and tech entrepreneurs in two recent articles for Computerworld New Zealand, as well as with Business Spectator in Australia, as the situation there is not much different. Follow the links below to read the articles:


In summary, I argue that we need to make computing and business interesting for kids, particularly girls, from a young age.

This means introducing basic programming and business studies at primary school level to show kids what they can create with technology to spark their excitement. This can be through coding classes where they learn to develop and even sell apps or games, or through robotics clubs.

Learning by having fun, and perhaps even earning some pocket money on the side, is a great way to get kids to get excited about working in the technology industry or starting their own tech ventures.

I also share ideas on how tech professionals like us can get involved to help develop the skills needed to create our future tech leaders.

How do you think we should develop the next generation of computer scientists and tech entrepreneurs?

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