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This tutorial introduces the new programme and project dependency matrix functionality that has recently become available in Psoda.

What are project or programme dependencies?

Projects may sometimes depend on other projects, for example if the budget of project A changes this might impact project B as there might be a fixed budget for the overall programme, or overruns in project A's schedule may mean that resources are not available to start working on project B. There may also be dependencies between projects and programmes, or even between programmes. This is especially true in larger organisations where multiple projects or even multiple programmes may be active at the same time.

Most programmes and projects are subject to the Triple Constraints of budget, schedule and scope. It is the first of these constraints that we are discussing today. For your programme or project to be successful is has to stay within the approved budget. The approved budget can be either the original baseline budget or it can include approved changes. Even if the budget is only loosely constrained you want to track the actual expenditure for reporting purposes. This article describes some of the basic principles of budget management including forecasting, baselines, approved changes, actual expenditure and variance.