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Show & Tell – 9 July 2012

This release of Psoda has focused on enhancing the scheduling functionality.

We’ve added an option to mass archive tasks to the programme, project, change request and task group views.

You can now add tasks directly from the user view. New tasks are added to the organisation and allocated to the user by default.

We’ve also added an option to add tasks directly from a role. New tasks are created under the parent of the role and are automatically allocated to the role.

You can now set your task list to only show tasks with no start/end dates. This makes it easier for you to find tasks that still need to be scheduled.

As part of the ongoing beautification of Psoda we’ve moved the Mass approve tasks and Mass complete tasks options from the toolbar to the bottom of the Tasks&Milestone table and added groupings of the options below the Tasks&Milestones table on the Task group and Change request views.

Finally we’ve made the transition from one tab to another a little faster by using AJAX to load the next tab.

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